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Greek Point

If you have ever been to Greece, tasted their delicious food with special spices, fell in love with it and miss it, then this is the place for you.

And last but not least, this is the place for the place who are searching for something new and special to taste with delightful music and positive space.

Restaurant Greek Point

We Offer

Greek cuisines, created with fresh and natural ingredients, that ar totally different from any other products in the Georgian market. We import special spices from Greek that enchants our dishes with real Greek aromas and tastes.

  • გრიქ ფოინთი ფეისბუქზე
  • გრიქ ფოინთი ინსტაგრამზე
  • გრიქ ფოინთი ტრიპედვაიზორზე
  • გრიქ ფოინთი იუთუბზე